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Steve Wilkinson – Chief Technical Officer, Cimlogic Ltd, UK

    • Steve Wilkinson – Chief Technical Officer, Cimlogic Ltd, UK's presentations

    Steve Wilkinson is the Chief Technical Officer for Cimlogic, empowering some of the largest manufacturers in the world to become World Class Manufacturers, enabling the continual improvement of their production methodology.

    Steve enables manufacturers to achieve objectives such as: improving supply chain visibility; improving efficiency; increasing quality; meeting regulatory compliance; improving product genealogy and traceability; reducing energy costs and becoming an enterprise wide ‘LEAN’ manufacturing operation. Steve is able to scale this technology, so that SMEs can also benefit from the Industry 4.0 technologies that are available and emerging.

    Steve first began his career with Cimlogic 11 years ago as a Control Systems Engineer; in 2012, he moved into the role of Solutions Architect. Steve holds a BSc in Physics with Electronics and Instrumentation, and an MSc by Research – Digital Image Processing, both from Leeds University.

    His role within Cimlogic, involves setting the technological roadmap for Cimlogic and its customers. Steve works within sectors such as Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Chemical and Petrochemical and Animal Nutrition.

    Presentation Title: 

    Playing Catch-up: How industry 4.0 technologies can enable SMEs to bring their Manufacturing Operations Management up to speed

    Presentation Synopsis:

    There is pressure on manufacturers to increase operational efficiency in order to remain competitive and innovative, as market conditions remain challenging and are changing faster than ever before.

    To react to changing market conditions quickly and effectively manufacturers need to begin adapting to Industry 4.0 technologies. However, some manufacturers do not feel their operations are big enough to adapt, others feel overwhelmed with the pace of change – anticipating large capital expenditure for which budgets do not exist.

    So where are SMEs currently in their technological journey? Historically, the limiting factors for SMEs adopting new technologies, such as cost and maintenance has held them back. However, the Industry 4.0 technologies that are emerging CAN be viable for small and medium manufacturers.


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